Taito Milestones Release Announcement

Hello, I have exciting news regarding the upcoming release of Taito Milestones, courtesy of our friends at Taito, PR Hound and ININ Games. Check out the news below for more information regarding the impending release of this collection.

ININ Games together with TAITO are excited to announce TAITO MILESTONES for Nintendo Switch launching April 15th in Europe and North America! The special retro compilation of some true TAITO classics will be available through selected retailers and the Nintendo eShop. 

Soon retro fans can dive into a nostalgic gaming experience to replay the classics that represent TAITO’s legacy. Celebrate the company’s milestones! Defeat the monsters deep inside the castle as witch Ptolemy in The FairyLand Story, strike your enemies in the sci-fi shooter SPACE SEEKER or collect the hearts from the thieving Monsta in Chack’n Pop!  With this collection there will be something for every retro game enthusiast!

Games Included

  • Qix – 1981
  • Space Seeker – 1981
  • Alpine Ski – 1982
  • Front Line 1982
  • Wild Western – 1982
  • Chack’n Pop – 1983
  • Elevator Action – 1983
  • The FairyLand Story – 1985
  • Hally’s Comet – 1986
  • The NinjaWarriors – 1987

The boxed edition and the digital download version of TAITO MILESTONES for Nintendo Switch will launch on April 15th, 2022. Get ready for a true retro flashback – heading straight for your home screens! Check out the Trailer below for more information.

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