Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Fantasy World Edition – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Zoo Corporation and published by Eastasiasoft, Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Fantasy World Edition is a fanservice focused poker title, featuring pretty art of many cute girls. Take on a selection of girls in classic Texas Hold’em battles at the Fantasy World casino, with images to unlock with each victory you achieve. This title is available on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, links to both versions of this release will be available at the bottom of this review.

Disclaimer: before I get into the review, I would like to thank Eastasiasoft for providing the copy of Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Fantasy World Edition that was used for this review. The provision of this software has not influenced the contents of this review, all thoughts and opinions contained within are my own.

Now with the introductions out of the way, let’s get into the review. There is no story for this release, so I will be moving straight into the gameplay section.

Gameplay – this title is a casual Texas Hold’em sim, where the player is put up against three girls with 100 chips each and the objective is to make all of your opponents run out of chips, eliminating each of them to be the last one standing. The game follows the traditional rules of poker, with the ability to bet, call and raise any amount of chips in the current current pool to try and outsmart the opponents.

There are two game modes in this title, the first is a campaign mode where beating the challenges earns a piece of an ensemble image of the main girls in that stage. The stages increase in difficulty, with more wins required against each girl in order to complete the reward picture. The second option is a free play mode, allowing players to choose any of the characters that have been unlocked to battle at their leisure.

The overall gameplay of this release is simple, with little in terms of variety to the mechanics. However, for the price being asked and the content on offer, there is more than enjoy in this release. The total roster of girls to battle and unlock is 16 during the campaign mode, with each girl having a unique look to them and their own personality.

The A.I. for opponents is fairly solid, but it can be manipulated to the player advantage. When betting during the rounds, more often than not the player can force their opponents to fold if they have more chips in reserve than the others. This strategy can help to whittle away the girl’s stock and help eliminate them, but there is always the chance they will call your bluff so be careful when betting big.

I am unsure if this title has much in terms of longevity, as there is a lack of multiplayer local or otherwise. It would have been a much more fleshed out product with a multiplayer mode, but this isn’t a deal breaker for the price that is being asked.

So with the gameplay covered, I want to move onto the other aspects of the game, starting with the controls.

Controls – the control method for this title is very simple, with both standard inputs and touch screen controls available. In general, the control setup works well with all of the buttons laid out effectively and with zero lag. The optimal way to experience this release is by using the touchscreen, as the handheld mode is perfect for the limited experience on offer with this release.

Presentation – as a budget poker title, this game has a rather simple graphical style consisting of still images and limited animations for the gameplay itself. There is not much else to say about the visual presentation, but the artwork used is very pleasing. The music is pleasant for the experience, using a jazzy lounge sound that adds a little to the casino style for this title. There is Japanese voice acting, but it is limited to a few lines per character.

Final Thoughts – as a budget poker title, there is enough to keep you occupied. I enjoyed the casual gameplay, however I did find it a little slow and repetitive after extended play sessions, although I don’t play casino game often so mileage may vary. If you are a fan of digital poker, this could be right up your alley, the content on offer more than justifies the small price being asked, it is just unfortunate that the game is single player only.

In the end, I give Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Fantasy World Edition a final score of 3/5. This is a fairly solid poker game on a budget, with a nice selection of pleasing designs for the girls. It is unfortunate that there is a lack of online or even local multiplayer, but there is still enough content to keep you occupied. If you want to check this game out for yourself, links to each version will be below.

Link to Nintendo Switch version (HERE)

Link to PlayStation 4 version (HERE)

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