Boulder Dash Physical Release Announcement

Hello, I have yet more exciting news about an upcoming physical release for the Nintendo Switch from our friends at ININ Games, BBG Entertainment and PR Hound. Take a look below to learn more about this special release for the classic puzzler Boulder Dash.

ININ Games and BBG Entertainment are truly excited to announce a collection of all time classics in gaming history. The Boulder Dash® Ultimate Collection will release a boxed version of this bygone gaming experience that captivated the hearts of many gamers. The action puzzle retro classic will be available for Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe. 

The Boulder Dash® Ultimate Collection delivers both, the fresh 2021 relaunch, Boulder Dash® Deluxe™ and Boulder Dash® 30th Anniversary™ – now available for pre-order!

About this release

The original Boulder Dash® set a milestone in interactive gaming back in the ‘80s. For many players, regardless of age, the action puzzle adventures with Rockford™ were a challenge but also a delight to master. Loyal fans of this classic and new players alike can now take up the challenge again – Rockford™ is back in the awesome 2021 relaunch of this action-puzzle digging and collection game! 

Boulder Dash® Deluxe™ comes with some amazing new content, features and fresh graphics:

  • 180 all-new levels with advanced features!
  • Includes 20 levels from the original 1984 Boulder Dash® version
  • 9 exciting new worlds with high-end graphics, having their own, unique textures, go to Macmarnua Sea or Urath Castle – or back in time to the classic 1984 world with its caves
  • 15 new special opponents like Octopus, Shark Polar bear, and Snow tiger will keep your mind agile and you on your toes.
  • Full character customization of your game character Rockford™, e.g. shirt, pants, shoes, eyewear, headgear, hair, and facial hair

Boulder Dash® 30th Anniversary™

Guide Rockford™ and help him dig his way through spectacular caves and collect as many diamonds as required whilst avoiding the many dangers that surround you. Watch out for falling boulders, discover treasure chests, collect potent power-ups and unlock 9 other playable characters. 

Coming with family-friendly, pretty pixel-art style, it seems like a nice puzzle experience, but beware! One wrong move could end in disaster. Boulder Dash® offers an all encompassing challenge for all gamers – from newbies to hard-core players!

  • 280 all-new levels with advanced physics!
  • 12 Never-before-seen worlds, with new creatures with 3D animations!
  • Premium world by videogame legend Peter Liepa – with 20 of the most mind-bending levels yet!
  • New multicolored gem combos, treasure chests, rare collectibles and spectacular power-ups!
  • Play as Rockford™ or unlock 9 other playable male and female characters including Crystal™!
  • First Boulder Dash game ever to include diagonal walls and movement!

With this Collection, players get the ultimate Boulder Dash® experience – more than 400 levels across both games waiting to be mastered. There are several different beautiful game worlds to discover, created by the video game legend Peter Liepa, making his return to the game he created 30 years ago.

If you want to learn more about this release or if you want to find out where to pre-order it, you can find all the details at the ININ Games website (HERE).

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