OSHIIRO – Release Announcement

Hello, I have some more exciting news for you to check out regarding an upcoming title coming soon from our friends at Regista Co. Check out the news below to learn more about the digital release of the new title OSHIIRO releasing very soon on Nintendo Switch, currently available to pre-purchase.

On Thursday, January 26th, Regista Co., Ltd announced “OSHIIRO” for the Nintendo Switch as an upcoming downloadable title. The game is available now for pre-purchase on the eShop, with a planned release date of February 2nd 2023. There is also a 27% discount for the game until February 15(NA)/ February 24(EU).

Swing your glowstick and exorcise! A new kind of horror game!

Horror X Virtual Idol

Investigate the haunted Chiba Legend Arena! Exorcise the spirits by swinging a glowstick of the same color. Clear the stage by finding the hidden idol symbol and swinging a glowstick of the same color.


The protagonist has been sent to investigate a haunted facility, the “Chiba Legend Arena”. While investigating, they find a strange glowstick. Now they must use this mysterious item to exorcise the demonic spirits…

Additional Content!

There are a few extra minigames you can play that appear unrelated to the main story. These games are about a PIEN, Buff Guys and Sushi?!

Product Details

Release Date: February 2, 2023
Regular Price: $10.99
Sale Price: 7.99
Compatible Devices: Nintendo Switch / Nintendo Switch Lite
Available Languages: English, Japanese
Copyright ýTadasumen/Regista

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