Root Double – Physical Release Announcement

Hello again, I have more news from our friends at PR Hound, Strictly Limited Games, ININ Games and Sekai Project announcing the physical release of one of their recent titles. Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition, the acclaimed mystery visual novel is getting a physical release for the Nintendo Switch.

last year, I covered the digital release of Root Double which you can read (HERE). The game has received positive praise and is now coming to us on the Nintendo Switch from the official ININ Games website which you can find (HERE).

There is a Standard edition that is the game by Itself, alongside two special collectors edition available from Strictly Limited Games, below you will see the standard Limited set and the Dakimakura limited edition.


For those who need a little refresher or this is the first time you have seen Root Double, here are some details about the game.


Developed by Regista and directed by Ever17 Creator Takumi Nakazawa, Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition follows the events of a nuclear meltdown at a research facility from two different points of view.

Leaving an unknown amount of survivors inside and a reactor at the verge of exploding, the rescue team is sent in to figure out the situation and save the ones left inside. Unfortunately the leader of the rescue team is suffering from amnesia, which makes the situation even more complicated. The player will uncover the events that have led to this disaster. Combining the stories of the different characters and experiencing every twist and turn is the only way to uncover the truth of what happened that fateful day

What separates Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition from contemporary games is its unique and highly involved Senses Sympathy System, in which the player must follow their senses and gut feeling and prioritize which character they want to focus on and follow, drastically changing the scenario and the outcome at every step. One wrong move can lead to their demise, and the many endings of the game are certainly not happy ever after…


  • Beautiful artwork reworked in full HD.
  • Directed by Ever17 Creator Takumi Nakazawa.
  • Hours and hours of story that dynamically changes based on your choices.
  • Unique gameplay (Senses Sympathy System) sets it apart from conventional visual novels.
  • Mature serious storyline.
  • Fully voiced in Japanese by famous voice actors.
  • High replayability requires replaying to see all possible story outcomes.
  • Two storyline branches – one before the crime and one after the crime.

For those who prefer to digital software, you can find the Nintendo Switch version of the game available for immediate purchase (HERE).

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