Infinite-Beyond the Mind – Physical Release Announcement

Hello, I have some more exciting news for you to check out regarding an upcoming physical release from our friends at PR Hound, Strictly Limited Games, Blowfish Studios and Emilie Coyo. Check out the news below to learn more about the special limited release of Infinite-Beyond the Mind, available to pre-order soon. Strictly Limited Games, inContinue reading “Infinite-Beyond the Mind – Physical Release Announcement”

Dezatopia and Mecha Ritz – Special Physical Release

Hello again! I have some exciting news related to an upcoming physical release from our friends at PR Hound, HEY, Hanaji Games and Strictly Limited Games. Check out the news below to learn more about the contents of this retro style shooter double pack. Strictly Limited Games welcomes two new Shoot ‘em up titles inContinue reading “Dezatopia and Mecha Ritz – Special Physical Release”

Intrepid Izzy Release Announcement

Hello, I have even more news about upcoming titles. This time I will be sharing the information about the soon to be released title, Intrepid Izzy, coming to all major platforms this December, courtesy of our friends at PR Hound and Ratalaika Games. Check out the information below to learn more. ndie publisher Ratalaika Games, togetherContinue reading “Intrepid Izzy Release Announcement”

Lunistice – Review

Overview – developed by A Grumpy Fox and published by Deck13, Lunistice is a retro styled platformer, based upon games from the Sega Saturn and PlayStation era of games. Follow Hana the Tanuki as she goes on an adventure through her dreams, leading her to her destination, The Moon. This title is available on theContinue reading “Lunistice – Review”

Taito Egret II Mini – Release Announcement

Hello, I have news regarding a new release from our friends at Taito, ININ Games, Strictly Limited Games and PR Hound. Check out the details below for all the info about the Taito Egret II Mini, a mini console that is OUT NOW! Taito Egret II Mini ININ Games today launches the EGRET II miniContinue reading “Taito Egret II Mini – Release Announcement”

Avenging Spirit – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – brought to home consoles for the first time by Ratalaika Games, City Connection and Shinyuden, Avenging Spirit (called Phantasm in Japan) is a classic arcade title originally published by Jaleco in 1991. As a wandering spirit that wants to rescue his girlfriend being held hostage, players must possess enemies to complete this mission.Continue reading “Avenging Spirit – Nintendo Switch Review”

Pocky & Rocky: Reshrined – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Tengo Project and published by Natsume (under license from Taito), with physical publishing handled by ININ Games, Pocky & Rocky: Reshrined is an expanded soft remake of the classic SNES shooter of the same name. As the Shrine Maiden Pocky and her friend Rocky, take on the monsters and spirits thatContinue reading “Pocky & Rocky: Reshrined – Nintendo Switch Review”

Heaven’s Vault – Physical Release Announcement

Hello, I have news regarding the physical release of an indie title, from our friends at PR Hound, Strictly Limited Games and inkle. Check out the details below regarding the limited release of the title Heaven’s Vault, an award winning adventure for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Strictly Limited Games is delighted to announce thatContinue reading “Heaven’s Vault – Physical Release Announcement”

Samurai Riot Definitive Edition – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed and published by Wako Factory, in collaboration with Hound Picked Games, Samurai Riot Definitive Edition is a 2D action brawler set in a war torn fictionalized Japan. As Sukane and/or Tsurumaru, fight your way through wave after wave of soldiers and make choices that will alter the course of events. This titleContinue reading “Samurai Riot Definitive Edition – Nintendo Switch Review”

Wonder Boy Collection – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – originally developed by Westone and Sega, ported by Ratalaika Games, with publishing handled by ININ Games and Bliss Brain, Wonder Boy Collection brings 4 titles from the iconic franchise to new platforms. Take on monsters and bosses to save the day in these classic titles from the 80s and 90s. This collection isContinue reading “Wonder Boy Collection – Nintendo Switch Review”