Panorama Cotton Update

This is an update to my previous coverage of Panorama Cotton, I reviewed this game at the end of October and there were several issues with the title at that time. These issues have since been fixed and I want to provide an update to that review. I will only be addressing the sections that have discussed the problems faced during review, for the other aspects of the game you can find them in the original coverage (HERE).

Now I will be addressing the issues that were faced and at the end provide an amended score. So with that out of the way, let’s get into it.

In the previous coverage I provided of this title, I discussed issues that were prevalent in regards to missing sprite work and objects not appearing. Throughout the game, there were instances of hazards and enemies causing damage to the player while invisible. These flaws severely impacted the quality and playability of the game, causing unintentional spikes in difficulty which made the game unpleasant to play.

After contacting both the developer and publisher about these issues, a patch has been deployed for both versions of the game in recent weeks. This patch fixed the problems that occurred with this release, with all sprite work rendering correctly and improving the overall quality of this port. Additionally, the physical version of Panorama Cotton on both PlayStation systems and the Nintendo Switch will have the patch on the cart/disc, meaning that there will be no need to download any fixes.

The punishing difficulty of the game has significantly lessened since the patch, making the entire game feel more balanced and is now as close to the original Mega Drive release as possible. By fixing the problems with the release, they have provided the best possible way for new fans of the Cotton series to experience a rare title that was originally exclusive to Japan.

This release can now live up to the potential that it had when announced, because it was severely hindered by the issues that made the game almost unplayable. But it can now be enjoyed properly, without feeling like you are being screwed over by invisible enemies and I am happy that the bugs were fixed. We can finally enjoy Panorama Cotton on a new system, without having to struggle through and be frustrated that we are dying for no reason.

I can now recommend this game to everyone that is a fan of Cotton and challenging shmups in general. I couldn’t make any recommendation while the issues that plagued the game were still present, but with this patch I have nothing stopping me from telling people they should play this game. If you are a fan of the little Witch that loves Willow Candy, you definitely have to check this game out.

My amended score for Panorama Cotton is 4/5. The game is still a challenge, but the fixes for the invisible sprites mean sudden damage and unfair deaths are no longer a constant source of frustration. This legendary title can now be appreciated properly on new hardware, while the Publishers and Developer can find redemption from what was a tragic failure at launch. This game is worth purchasing now it has been fixed, links to both versions below.

Link to Nintendo Switch version (HERE)

Link to PlayStation 4 version (HERE)

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