Panorama Cotton Update

This is an update to my previous coverage of Panorama Cotton, I reviewed this game at the end of October and there were several issues with the title at that time. These issues have since been fixed and I want to provide an update to that review. I will only be addressing the sections thatContinue reading “Panorama Cotton Update”

Panorama Cotton – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Strictly Limited Games and Ratalaika Games with publishing handled by ININ Games, Panorama Cotton is a port of the 1994 Japanese exclusive Mega Drive title by SUCCESS. This is the first time that Panorama Cotton has been released in the west, giving players a chance to officially play this title. ThisContinue reading “Panorama Cotton – Nintendo Switch Review”

Cotton 30th Anniversary Release Announcement

Hello, I have more exciting news for you to check out from our friends at Strictly Limited Games, Success Corp and PR Hound. The 30th Anniversary of Cotton is coming to a close and we have more special releases coming very, very soon. Look below for more information about these exciting releases. Panorama Cotton TheContinue reading “Cotton 30th Anniversary Release Announcement”