Slime Girls Smoothies – Release Date Announcement

Well hello there, I have some exciting news to share from our friends at Shady Corner Games (the creator of Marble Maid (review HERE)) and Schneeritter Studios. Their latest lewd title Slime Girl Smoothies is Launching on August 29th!, so check out the details below to learn more about this upcoming release. 

Mature Content Warning: this title is intended for Adults Only. This is due to the content of this game featuring full nudity, explicit sexual content, strong language and some fetish material. If you are under the age of 18 or find sexual content offensive, please take a look at the other content on this site. (please note: all characters featured in Slime Girl Smoothies are 18+ and over)

About the Game

You have been hired to work at Slimy’s, a bar with a very unique way of serving drinks. Prepare to see a lot of jugs while mixing up some very wacky flavors. Berry, her daughter Cherry and coworkers Mint and Plum are ready to entertain each and every order!

Slime Girl Smoothies is a lewd puzzle game, where the player must create alcoholic drinks with the Slime Girls on shift. To achieve this objective, the player must match fruits via their colours in order to reach the flavour target of that cocktail. If the player does well, they will be rewarded with some risque interactions and explicit scenes. 

Play through the shifts for each of the Slime Girls, view their galleries as you progress and challenge additional play modes that can be unlocked later. So pull up to the bar, get acquainted with your slime girl co-workers and enjoy your time as you go through your training at Slimey’s.

Game Features

  • Puzzle game play letting you mix the drinks on the menu. Take your time and get the formula right.
  • Additional gameplay modes that can be unlocked
  • Enjoy the show! Each girl has a unique way of serving drinks with their ‘assets’.
  • Voices that make you melt. Kumbomb, Ivywilde, Midnight Datura and Midnightblu bring each girl to life with every breath.
  • Make memories. Every few shifts the girls will get crazier than usual and let their freak flag fly with unlockable images. Collect them all!
  • Be a perfectionist. Use your talents to make every drink and get achievements for each shift!
  • Over 100 frames of animation and over 20 CG’s by PixelboyMagazin!​
  • Amazing music by Shady Lewd Kart composer Altered Ego!

Slime Girl Smoothies is Launching exclusively for the PC on Steam and on August 29th. A demo for the game is available on the official Steam page (HERE) and Itch (HERE), also check out the trailer below for a taste of what to expect with the full release of Slime Girl Smoothies.

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