Slime Girls Smoothies DLC Announcement

Hello, I have some exciting news regarding a game that I have previously covered here courtesy of our friends at Shady Corner Games. Their recent title Slime Girl Smoothies will be getting a special update and DLC in the near future, this will introduce a new character, mechanics and content for players to experience. HereContinue reading “Slime Girls Smoothies DLC Announcement”

Slime Girl Smoothies – PC Review

Overview – developed by Schneeritter Studios and Shady Corner Games, Slime Girl Smoothies is an adult puzzle game where the player must mix different fruits to make a variety of drinks. Play through each set of shifts to learn more about the girls that work at the underground bar Slimey’s. This title is available exclusivelyContinue reading “Slime Girl Smoothies – PC Review”

Slime Girls Smoothies – Release Date Announcement

Well hello there, I have some exciting news to share from our friends at Shady Corner Games (the creator of Marble Maid (review HERE)) and Schneeritter Studios. Their latest lewd title Slime Girl Smoothies is Launching on August 29th!, so check out the details below to learn more about this upcoming release.  Mature Content Warning:Continue reading “Slime Girls Smoothies – Release Date Announcement”

Crawlco Block Knockers – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by CosmiKankei and published by Eastasiasoft, Crawlco Block Knockers is a love letter to the sexy puzzle games that were popular across Japan during the 90’s. Push color coded blocks to fill up the marked zones in groups of three or more, unveiling the images under the floor, with a range ofContinue reading “Crawlco Block Knockers – Nintendo Switch Review”