Slime Girl Smoothies – PC Review

Overview – developed by Schneeritter Studios and Shady Corner Games, Slime Girl Smoothies is an adult puzzle game where the player must mix different fruits to make a variety of drinks. Play through each set of shifts to learn more about the girls that work at the underground bar Slimey’s. This title is available exclusively on PC, provided through the Steam and platforms, with links to the game at the bottom of this coverage.

Disclaimer: before I get into discussing Slime Girl Smoothies, I want to thank Shady Corner Games for allowing me to be involved in the making of this game. To be completely transparent, I was involved with the late stages of the development of this game as a Beta/Bug tester (my name is in the credits for this). However, my involvement in this title has not influenced the contents of this coverage, all thoughts and opinions within are my own.

Mature Content Warning: this title is intended for Adults Only. This is due to the content of this game featuring full nudity, explicit sexual content, strong language and some fetish material. If you are under the age of 18 or find sexual content offensive, please take a look at the other content on this site. (Please note: all characters featured in Slime Girl Smoothies are 18+ and over)

Now with the introductions out of the way, let’s get into the game, starting with a brief summary of the plot.

Story – You have been hired as the floor manager for the underground bar Slimey’s, a special place where all of the bartenders are Slime Girls and they use their assets to mix drinks. During the following shifts, get some hands-on training with the Slime Girls and get to know Berry and her daughter Cherry, as well as their co-workers Mint and Plum. Do your best to make it through the shifts, get to know your new co-workers and maybe even get closer to them.

Gameplay – Slime Girl Smoothies is a matching style puzzle game, where the player must combine different fruits together to make the requested drink. To create the various drinks, the player must combine the colors of different fruits to reach specific thresholds, making sure not to make any mistakes and disappoint their shift partner. Each shift has a set number of drinks to create, with only one failure permitted for each shift as more than that will fail the stage entirely.

The game field where fruits can be placed is made up of an 8×7 grid, with the fruits filling up different amounts of space from the bottom up when positioned by the player. When placed, fresh fruits will grant more flavour when placed next to other unused ones, but used fruits will provide less when fresh ones are placed adjacent to them. There is also a limited number of turns per drink, so using up them up, creating the wrong flavor combos or having no space left will result in failing the drink.

The game system is easy to pick up, with an in depth tutorial that explains the mechanics of the mixing the different fruits, as well as the tools that are introduced in later shifts. Including tips on how to get the most out of each fruit, by using fresh fruit to get more points, cutting the different fruit for specific spaces and even rotating the fruits. There is a handy chart on screen that shows all of the color combinations, as well as recipe guides for the flavor levels required for each drink.

Each of the girls has their own gimmick, with Cherry easing the player into the experience as the lead of the tutorial, while the others introduce their own unique challenges to the game. These include special cells that either increase or decrease the flavor points of the fruit in those spaces, which will push players to think how to use the limited space on the board more efficiently. Success in each shift can lead to a variety of rewards for the player to unlock.

During the course of the game, special CG images will be unlocked showing Slime girls in sticky situations, with some being rewards for success after clearing specific shifts. These images can be accessed in the main menu, via the gallery when the shifts for that character are full completed. There are also additional unlockable game modes, with a timed mode to score as many clears as possible and an endurance mode where one failed drink will get a game over.

There is more to this title than mentioned above, but I want to leave some of the surprises for the player to discover for themselves. So with that being said, let’s move onto the other aspects of the game. I will be skipping the control segment as this game only uses the mouse, going directly into the difficulty.

Difficulty – this is a challenging puzzle game, with the limited space of the grid, the random nature of the fruits that appear each turn and the strict turn limit. But that opens the game up to a more strategic approach, with some drinks requiring significantly higher flavor scores than others. This can push players to decide whether to try and clear the lower scores first, the big flavors or to just see how the fruits fall. If a shift is failed, the player can simply try again, providing a fair punishment for losing.

Presentation – the visual style for Slime Girl Smoothies is very pleasing to the eye, with beautiful art and animations for the staff of Slimey’s. Their personalities, quirks and unique character traits are all easily noticeable when encountering them. The fruit designs are lewd and humorous, with buttock, condom and ball gag shaped fruits to choose from. The reward images are all very lewd too, with the various escapades of the girls (and the manager too) being illustrated very well.

The story cutscenes that occur between shifts are all fully voiced, with excellent work from independent voice actors that portray their characters perfectly, bringing them to life in this game. The music for this title also has its own distinct charm, with tracks that utilize a range of sounds from soft jazz like compositions to heavy guitar riffs and solos. All of the visual and sound elements combine together expertly to create a complete and satisfying experience.

Final Thoughts – now, I have been around for a long time and many lewd titles have come and gone, like the Gals Panic and Hunie Pop games, but this was different. While playing Slime Girl Smoothies I found myself becoming invested in the characters and their personalities, which made the lewd parts a bonus to the experience but not the main reason to continue playing. I was engaged with the overall story, which I found to be well written and the characters had depth to them.

I can happily recommend this game to others who are looking for a game that is lewd and challenging, but has depth to the overall narrative. There is plenty of content on offer for the low price point, with the additional challenge modes and achievements providing more for the player to enjoy. This is an excellent puzzle game, with lewd and humorous fruit designs, charming characters and voice performances that tie the whole thing together.

In the end, while I can’t give a score for Slime Girl Smoothies, since I was involved in the testing of the game. However, I will say this; Slime Girl Smoothies is a challenging puzzle experience, with excellent characters that are brought to life by fantastic voice acting and a story that adds depth to the lewdness on show. If you want to check this game out for yourself, links to the game will be below, but please keep in mind that there is explicit sexual content and some material that may be off-putting.

Link to Steam version (HERE)

Link to version (HERE)

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