Shady Corner Games Announcement

Hello, I have an exciting announcement regarding a game that is now in production from our friends at Shady Corner Games. They have recently announced that they are entering production of the next entry in the Marble Maid franchise. I have a press release regarding this new title to check out below.

We at Shady Corner are pleased to announce that we are entering the production stage for our next title, “Marble Maid: the NEGAtive Levels!” This title will take place before the events of the previous game, acting as a prequel for the first and give players a chance to take on the role of the antagonist from that game, the Nega-Maid.

With this release we will also be expanding the scope of the game, by introducing different types of dust bunnies that the player will encounter. We are also implementing elemental attacks that the Nega-Maid can use against the bunnies, as well as boss encounters that will be a first in this fledgling series.

We have recently finished pre-production with the groundwork for the game completed. The engine is coming along nicely, as well as the level editor, art assets and soundtrack. Our next objective is to focus on the overall stage design as we work to finalize the ideas that we have, then we will be moving onto the building stage.

We plan to introduce more content for players to enjoy in this release, with new hazards and obstacles for players to overcome. These include new secrets for players to discover as well as traps, switches and fire pits that we plan to include in some levels. We are also working to make the unlockable content in this entry even more titillating than before, so those who enjoyed that in the first game will get plenty of “bang” for their buck.

Development Image

Finally we want to let everyone know that the fans can become part of this adventure with us too. Since we mostly use crowdfunding to produce our games, we would like to invite those who want to contribute to the game to join us on Patreon. We have a special tier titled “Name Your Bun” where members who pledge can have their own Dust Bunny named, with a mini bio section too. There will also be additional tiers and rewards in the future. 

We are so very excited to be able to enter the world of Marble Maid again. This is a series that means a lot to us and the positive reception that we received from fans of the first, on both PC and the Nintendo Switch is what inspires us to make this new entry the best it can be.

Development Image

You can find our games on Steam, and Marble Maid Specifically on the Nintendo Switch. Thank you for all your support and we look forward to sharing more in the future. 

I have previously reviewed Marble Maid for the Nintendo Switch, you can find that review (HERE). You can also find the Shady Corner patreon (HERE).

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