Slime Girls Smoothies DLC Announcement

Hello, I have some exciting news regarding a game that I have previously covered here courtesy of our friends at Shady Corner Games. Their recent title Slime Girl Smoothies will be getting a special update and DLC in the near future, this will introduce a new character, mechanics and content for players to experience. Here are some words from Shady Corner Games about this new content. (Please be aware, this game is intended for mature audiences and is rated as adults only)

We at Shady Corner are pleased to announce that work has begun on a special DLC to thank everyone for their support, titled Milkshakes with Lemon!

The staff at the Slime Girl Smoothies bar will have extra staff on hand with the Southern gal Lemon, who is voiced by the talented PixieWillow (You can find her on twitter HERE 18+ only). This new hire will be bringing milk related drinks to the bar, as well as a new hazard to overcome and additional story content that will expand the in-game universe.

Alongside the new content of the DLC, there will be some additional free content that will bring Slime Girl Smoothies to a more definitive state. This includes extra sketches, some behind the scenes materials and new drinks to make. This means that even if you don’t choose to purchase the DLC, you will still get something new added to the experience.

This DLC will also be available as a reward on the Shady Corner Patreon, which will cost less than purchasing the base game if you haven’t already obtained a copy. There is also additional content related to other Shady Corner releases, merchandise and more that can be found on their Patreon which can be found (HERE) and they are also on Twitter (HERE).

Please be aware that Shady Corner Games and the related material is for Mature audiences only and is rated 18+, this is due to the sexual nature of a lot of the content. If sexual/adult content is something that makes you uncomfortable or you are under the age of 18, then please proceed at your own discretion.

If you wish to learn more about Slime Girl Smoothies, you will find my coverage of the game (HERE). You can also find the game on Steam (HERE) and (HERE).

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