GigaBash Godzilla Kaiju DLC – OUT NOW!

Hello! I have a special update concerning the special Godzilla DLC collaboration that has been released for GigaBash today. This special DLC pack is a collaboration between Passion Republic Games and Toho Company, with 4 iconic Kaiju creatures from the Godzilla franchise being added as playable characters. Check out the details below and the trailer at the bottom of this piece.

Alongside the special characters included as paid DLC, there is also a big FREE update for players to enjoy. This new update will include additional gameplay modes for players to enjoy, with both online and offline game modes that have been added to the game. I will be giving details about these new modes, but first I want to share some information about the new monsters added in the DLC.


Originally debuting in 1954, Godzilla is the original king of the monsters and the first Kaiju to gain popularity the world over. With the iconic look that has remained consistent throughout the franchise. This giant monster has come to the world of GigaBash to throw down with the other creatures, armed with his legendary Atomic Breath and destructive brute strength. This version of Godzilla is the ultimate Kaiju and a foe to be reckoned with.


Making its first appearance in 1972 during the battle of Godzilla vs Gigan, the alien cyborg was an early rival of Godzilla, armed with steel hooks for arms and buzzsaw on its body. This incarnation of the beast is just as destructive as its movie counterpart. Equipped with an eye laser, tremendous power and even anti-gravity flight that can be used in battle with the other monsters.


Created in 1974, Mechagodzilla is a mechanical clone of the original Kaiju, equipped with heavy weaponry that it uses in battle against the King of the Monsters. This version of the beast has been heavily upgraded, with even more firepower at its disposal. This time, Mechagodzilla enters the battle with heavy machine gun, powerful rockets and a jet booster on its back to give it increased combat prowess.


Appearing in 1995, after being mutated at the microsopic level, Destoroyah quickly evolved and grew in size and shape until it reached its final form, battling Godzilla to the death. This incarnation of the creature appears in its final demonic form. Harnessing devastating power that leave disaster in its wake, including its powerful wings and lightning horn, an energy breath beam and the ability to split into smaller creatures to decimate foes.

Now with the new Kaiju covered, I want to give some detail about the new content that has been added for free to GigaBash.

New Features:

  • Arcade Mode – Test your mastery of your favorite characters! In this single player mode, challenge yourself against 8 random Ai-controlled enemies with increasing difficulty and solidify your rank by defeating the Final Boss. Do you have what it takes to beat ‘em all?
  • Onslaught Mode – Play Solo or with another friend in co-op Couch Play as you battle against endless waves of enemies. Acquire buffs as you progress and break the record for the highest number of waves cleared on the global leaderboard. You will also be rewarded with unique skins only unlockable through this mode as you clear a certain wave number. Can you survive the onslaught?
  • Mayhem Online – You asked, we delivered! By popular request, players can now enjoy Mayhem mode online via Private Match. Invite your friends and indulge in this wacky collection of minigames together.
  • Matchmaking and Online Updates – We have upgraded our Crossplay feature! Now, players from all platforms (PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Steam, Epic Games Store) share the same public matchmaking pool via Public Match. However, players will not be able to invite their friends from another platform via Private Match. We’ve also added an Emote Menu in the Online Mode so players can have some fun with GigaBash emojis while they wait for other players to be ready for battle.

Final Thoughts

I was able to get my hands on the DLC thanks to a PR rep from and Future Friends Games and I had a real blast with this. All of the Kaiju feel like they fit and the choices are very good for this game. I would have liked to see Mothra, King Ghidorah or even Hedora, but I was very happy to be able to play as some of the most Iconic rivals for the King of the Monsters.

All four characters have their own unique fighting styles and they feel authentic to their movie counterparts. I had the most fun with the new modes too, which was where I spent most of my time with this DLC, playing the new arcade mode over and over. That and the new onslaught mode are a good reason to check this update out, and even pick up the game if you have been holding off making a purchase.

I haven’t been able to test the online out unfortunately, due to some connection instability that I have been having. But, I do think that increasing the pool of players will be a net positive for the game, even if its only for public matches. The only negative thing that I have to say about this DLC and Update is that there was no Music from the Godzilla movies, which is unfortunate but doesn’t impact the experience.

I can easily recommend purchasing this DLC, and if you haven’t checked out my review for the game, you can read it (HERE) and I strongly recommend the whole package to Kaiju brawler fans (even more so now with the DLC). All of the extra content and updates to the online are a welcome addition, giving players more content to enjoy and creating a more definitive package.

I do hope that this does well, since that may renew interest in new standalone Godzilla games, which have been sorely lacking for many years. I don’t think that Toho will decide to make that jump, but I still have hope that if this DLC is successful, it will show that there is a market for the King of the Monsters to return to consoles and even PC.

You can find the Game and DLC below.

Link to PlayStation version (HERE)

Link to Steam version (HERE)

Link to Epic version (HERE)

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