Omen of Sorrow – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by AOne Games and published by Eastasiasoft, Omen of Sorrow is a traditional fighting game with a dark horror twist. Engage in battle with monsters and beings inspired classical horror literature, folklore and mythology to see which being is the strongest. This title is available for all on most platforms, with aContinue reading “Omen of Sorrow – Nintendo Switch Review”

GigaBash Godzilla Kaiju DLC – OUT NOW!

Hello! I have a special update concerning the special Godzilla DLC collaboration that has been released for GigaBash today. This special DLC pack is a collaboration between Passion Republic Games and Toho Company, with 4 iconic Kaiju creatures from the Godzilla franchise being added as playable characters. Check out the details below and the trailerContinue reading “GigaBash Godzilla Kaiju DLC – OUT NOW!”