Gynoug – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Masaya and ported by Ratalaika Games, Gynoug (originally called Wings of Wor in North America) is another classic Mega Drive/Genesis shooter that has been brought to modern consoles. You play as Wor, a winged warrior who has to combat the evils of Iccus, who are attacking the heavens, back to theirContinue reading “Gynoug – Nintendo Switch Review”

Darius Cozmic Collection – Nintendo Switch Double Feature

Overview – developed by M2 and published by ININ Games/Strictly Limited Games, the Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade and Cozmic Collection Console hit the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. These compilations feature a selection of titles from the legendary scrolling shooter franchise. The Arcade version features three games alongside regional variants of two entries, the Console versionContinue reading “Darius Cozmic Collection – Nintendo Switch Double Feature”

Ultracore – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – initially developed by Digital Illusions (DICE AB) and reprogrammed by Softdistribution/Strictly Limited Games, with publishing covered by ININ Games, Ultracore hits the Nintendo Switch. A revival of the long cancelled title known during development as HardCore, this 16-bit title features challenging run and gun platform action, with large intricate stages, hidden secrets andContinue reading “Ultracore – Nintendo Switch Review”