Clockwork Aquario – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Westone and Ratalaika Games with publishing handled by ININ Games/Strictly Limited Games, Clockwork Aquario is a once lost arcade game that has been released after almost 30 years. Take control of one of three heroes that are on a quest to stop the evil DR. Hangyo, who is hiding in theContinue reading “Clockwork Aquario – Nintendo Switch Review”

Space Invaders Forever – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Taito and published by ININ Games, Space Invaders Forever is a compilation of three titles offering a mix of gameplay styles that offer something for everyone. The games in the collection are separated into two individual titles on the Nintendo Switch, with Space Invaders Extreme and Gigamax 4 SE included togetherContinue reading “Space Invaders Forever – Nintendo Switch Review”