Clockwork Aquario – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Westone and Ratalaika Games with publishing handled by ININ Games/Strictly Limited Games, Clockwork Aquario is a once lost arcade game that has been released after almost 30 years. Take control of one of three heroes that are on a quest to stop the evil DR. Hangyo, who is hiding in theContinue reading “Clockwork Aquario – Nintendo Switch Review”

Shantae – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by WayForward and Limited Run Games, with publishing handled by WayForward, the first Shantae title that was released on the GameBoy Color in 2002 has come to the Nintendo Switch. Shantae is an 8-bit Metroidvania style action platformer with crisp visuals, a delightful soundtrack and a special GBA enhanced mode included. ShantaeContinue reading “Shantae – Nintendo Switch Review”