Shuttlecock H – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Inlet Pipe Productions and published by Eastasiasoft, Shuttlecock H is a unique Bullet Hell action title, with the defining difference being that the player cannot fight back. Take on the challenges of difficult attack patterns to unlock spicy images featuring three distinct female characters, all fully voiced in Japanese. This titleContinue reading “Shuttlecock H – Nintendo Switch Review”

Shred And Tear – Steam Demo Review

Overview – being developed and published by Lucid Realm Games, in partnership with Shady Corner Games and Thunder Cloud Studio, Shred and Tear is an action brawler with a risqué edge. Take on the role of Kajun-chan, a girl who was captured and used as a test subject by the invading alien forces of theContinue reading “Shred And Tear – Steam Demo Review”

Marble Maid – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Shady Corner, in collaboration with Molegato and Gingy Kitten with publishing handled by Eastasiasoft, Marble Maid is a puzzle ball platformer with a sexy twist. As the maid Marble, clear up the dust bunnies that have infested the rooms of the mansion that has hired her services. This title is exclusivelyContinue reading “Marble Maid – Nintendo Switch Review”

Crawlco Block Knockers – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by CosmiKankei and published by Eastasiasoft, Crawlco Block Knockers is a love letter to the sexy puzzle games that were popular across Japan during the 90’s. Push color coded blocks to fill up the marked zones in groups of three or more, unveiling the images under the floor, with a range ofContinue reading “Crawlco Block Knockers – Nintendo Switch Review”