Intrepid Izzy – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Senile Team and published by Ratalaika Games, Intrepid Izzy is a search action adventure, mixing together elements of several genres to create one complete package. As the titular Izzy, players must solve puzzles, battle monsters and navigate dangerous traps as they travel through different locations on their journey. This title isContinue reading “Intrepid Izzy – Nintendo Switch Review”

Intrepid Izzy Release Announcement

Hello, I have even more news about upcoming titles. This time I will be sharing the information about the soon to be released title, Intrepid Izzy, coming to all major platforms this December, courtesy of our friends at PR Hound and Ratalaika Games. Check out the information below to learn more. ndie publisher Ratalaika Games, togetherContinue reading “Intrepid Izzy Release Announcement”