Cyber Citizen Shockman – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Shinyuden and published by Ratalaika Games, Cyber Citizen Shockman is an action platformer that will be getting a release in the west for the first time ever. Originally released for the PC Engine back in 1989, this is the first official release of this once forgotten game. This release is availableContinue reading “Cyber Citizen Shockman – Nintendo Switch Review”

Avenging Spirit – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – brought to home consoles for the first time by Ratalaika Games, City Connection and Shinyuden, Avenging Spirit (called Phantasm in Japan) is a classic arcade title originally published by Jaleco in 1991. As a wandering spirit that wants to rescue his girlfriend being held hostage, players must possess enemies to complete this mission.Continue reading “Avenging Spirit – Nintendo Switch Review”