Macbat 64 & Beeny – Nintendo Switch Double Feature

Hello, this review will be slightly different from what I usually publish on this site. I am going to be doing coverage of two budget indie games from the same developer, discussing them and showcasing what these titles have to offer. This is going to be a double feature, with all of the usual detailsContinue reading “Macbat 64 & Beeny – Nintendo Switch Double Feature”

Lunistice – Review

Overview – developed by A Grumpy Fox and published by Deck13, Lunistice is a retro styled platformer, based upon games from the Sega Saturn and PlayStation era of games. Follow Hana the Tanuki as she goes on an adventure through her dreams, leading her to her destination, The Moon. This title is available on theContinue reading “Lunistice – Review”

Breakneck City – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Renegade Sector Games and published by Eastasiasoft, Breakneck City is a 3D action brawler with a focus on environmental interactions. With a low-poly style reminiscent of older titles, take to the streets solo or with a friend and bust some heads in this tribute to classic brawlers of the late 90’s.Continue reading “Breakneck City – Nintendo Switch Review”