Macbat 64 & Beeny – Nintendo Switch Double Feature

Hello, this review will be slightly different from what I usually publish on this site. I am going to be doing coverage of two budget indie games from the same developer, discussing them and showcasing what these titles have to offer. This is going to be a double feature, with all of the usual detailsContinue reading “Macbat 64 & Beeny – Nintendo Switch Double Feature”

Clea – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by InvertMouse and published by Sekai Games, Clea is a skill based, survival horror adventure set in a mansion overtaken by hellish monsters. Solve puzzles, avoid monsters and use the environment to your advantage to avoid the monsters that are out hunting you. This title is available for the Nintendo Switch, XboxContinue reading “Clea – Nintendo Switch Review”

Clea – Nintendo Switch Announcement

Hello, I have an announcement from our friends at PR Hound, Sekai Games and InverMouse for you to check out. Publisher, Sekai Games, and developer, InvertMouse, are excited to announce the forthcoming release of the thrilling skill-based survival horror adventure Clea. Coming to Nintendo Switch™  and releasing this week on October 30th players can experienceContinue reading “Clea – Nintendo Switch Announcement”

Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~ – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Mr. Tired Media and Published by Sekai Project, Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~ is a dungeon crawling RPG featuring visual novels sequences. Experience a different take on a zombie apocalypse as you explore a new world, joined by a group of cute girls that have more to them than meetsContinue reading “Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~ – Nintendo Switch Review”