Totally Reliable Delivery Company – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by We’re Five Games and published by TinyBuild Games, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a ragdoll physics sim about terrible delivery couriers. Work alone or with others to deliver packages, using a variety of vehicles to accomplish your tasks. This title is available for all major platforms and mobile devices, including aContinue reading “Totally Reliable Delivery Company – Nintendo Switch Review”

Project Starship X – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Panda Indie Studio and published by Eastasiasoft, Project Starship X is the third entry in the Lovecraftian bullet hell vertical shooter series. The game follows on from Project Starship and the prologue title Red Death, I will be reworking my previous coverage for both games and they will be published atContinue reading “Project Starship X – Nintendo Switch Review”

Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~ – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Mr. Tired Media and Published by Sekai Project, Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~ is a dungeon crawling RPG featuring visual novels sequences. Experience a different take on a zombie apocalypse as you explore a new world, joined by a group of cute girls that have more to them than meetsContinue reading “Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~ – Nintendo Switch Review”

Darius Cozmic Collection – Nintendo Switch Double Feature

Overview – developed by M2 and published by ININ Games/Strictly Limited Games, the Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade and Cozmic Collection Console hit the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. These compilations feature a selection of titles from the legendary scrolling shooter franchise. The Arcade version features three games alongside regional variants of two entries, the Console versionContinue reading “Darius Cozmic Collection – Nintendo Switch Double Feature”

Sisters Royale – Nintendo Switch Review

Writer’s Note: This article was written in January 2020, an updated version of this review is in the works to be completed in the near future. The Xbox One version has been released and details can be found (HERE) Overview – Developed by Alfa System and published by Chorus Worldwide Games, Sisters Royale: Five Sisters UnderContinue reading “Sisters Royale – Nintendo Switch Review”

Ultracore – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – initially developed by Digital Illusions (DICE AB) and reprogrammed by Softdistribution/Strictly Limited Games, with publishing covered by ININ Games, Ultracore hits the Nintendo Switch. A revival of the long cancelled title known during development as HardCore, this 16-bit title features challenging run and gun platform action, with large intricate stages, hidden secrets andContinue reading “Ultracore – Nintendo Switch Review”