Wings of Bluestar – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Shinu Real Arts and published by Eastasiasoft, Wings of Bluestar is an anime styled bullet hell scrolling shooter. Take on the challenge with two distinct playable characters, chaotic action and visual novel storytelling with multiple endings to unlock. This title is available on all platforms, with a link to each versionContinue reading “Wings of Bluestar – Nintendo Switch Review”

Yurukill: The Calumniation Games – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Izanagi games with assistance from G-Rev and published by NIS America, Yurukill: the Calumniation Games, is a hybrid of visual novel escape adventure and bullet hell shooting action. As a prisoner convicted of a crime you didn’t commit, you have arrived at Yurukill Land, a mysterious amusement park where your lifeContinue reading “Yurukill: The Calumniation Games – Nintendo Switch Review”

Raiden IV X MIKADO Remix – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by MOSS and published by UFO Interactive/PQube Limited, Raiden IV x MIKADO Remix is an enhanced and updated version of the classic bullet hell shooter. This version includes a special remixed soundtrack and a vertical Tate mode, creating a special experience for Nintendo Switch. This version is exclusive to the Nintendo SwitchContinue reading “Raiden IV X MIKADO Remix – Nintendo Switch Review”