Cotton Fantasy – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Success and Studio Saizensen with publishing handed by ININ Games, Cotton Fantasy: Superlative Night Dreams is the latest title to be released in the long running cute ‘em up series. This title retains all of the classic gameplay mechanics, with some new features to make this title unique. This title isContinue reading “Cotton Fantasy – Nintendo Switch Review”

Cotton 30th Anniversary Release Announcement

Hello, I have more exciting news for you to check out from our friends at Strictly Limited Games, Success Corp and PR Hound. The 30th Anniversary of Cotton is coming to a close and we have more special releases coming very, very soon. Look below for more information about these exciting releases. Panorama Cotton TheContinue reading “Cotton 30th Anniversary Release Announcement”

Cotton Reboot!! – Nintendo Switch Review

Overview – developed by Rocket-Engine, Studio Neon and BEEP with publishing handled by ININ Games, Cotton Reboot is a full remake of the classic cute’em up shooter, Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams originally released in 1991. This remake features new visuals, gameplay mechanics and sound, along with a port of the Sharp X68000 home release fromContinue reading “Cotton Reboot!! – Nintendo Switch Review”